Trinity adopts a stray!

Trinity adopts a stray!

Trinity was wondering the streets one day when she saw the cutest stray dash past her. She followed her and soon they became companions. She named her Dina because when she found her she was wearing the cutest dinosaur outfit.





Trinity and Dina were inseparable, exploring all over and going on adventures. One day Trinity got a huge surprise, Dina had done some exploring of her own, She blessed trinity with some kittens! The one looked just like their mom and the other well uummm, like their dad whom Trinity had never seen. She adored them!

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11-18-17_4-07-30 PM

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Getting Started!

Getting Started!

I started this off as the Wags To Riches Build A Vet Clinic Challenge by SimSupply and then decided to also throw in The Cats Rule And Dogs Drool Vet Challenge by soulgal7

What I did was follow the rags to riches challenge up to the point where you uplift all the restrictions and then once your’e able to build on your lot I started building my vet clinic instead of a house and then once that took off I started following the cats rule and dogs drool vet challenge.

Links to each Challenge can be found below:

Rags To Riches Mega Challenge

Cats Rule And Dogs Drool Vet Challenge by soulgal7

Life On The Streets

Trinity started of with 0 simoleans and had to live off the streets, rummaging through trash cans for food. She came across quite a few strays who kept her company.

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She had to live of the land which meant, fishing, harvesting and digging for fossils and jewels, anything that she could sell to make money to put towards her clinic.

11-14-17_11-54-41 AM

11-14-17_12-09-18 PM

Before she could start building she had to pay $500 to the council for building fees and have some knowledge in handiness and logic before they would give her a permit, so she sweet-talked the night-guard at San Mushino’s Art Gallery to let her work after hours on the workbench and she played chess in Willow Creeks park. (she also found lots of food to eat there from the local picnickers).

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